Óra House

Entry Instructions



Your Host

Petra Fazekas
+36 70 599 7934

Property Address

1077 Budapest,
Király utca 51.
Félemelet (Mezzanine), Apt 3.


Name: Óra House
Password: WelcomeHome!

Entry Instructions Óra House

1. The front door to the building is the large black metal doors to the right of the pizza shop with Number 51 above the door. You will receive the gate code from your host to enter the building.

2. Walk down the entry hall to the stairs. You will go up one flight of stairs to where the elevator is. Just past the elevator is a red cabinet on the wall. Open the left door and find the lockbox labelled, “Óra House”. (You will receive the lockbox code from the host) MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE LOCKBOX AFTER RETRIEVING THE KEYS AND SCRAMBLE THE NUMBERS TO AVOID ANY FUTURE ISSUES WITH THEFT.

3. You can take the stairs or the elevator one floor to level FE (felemelet = mezzanine). Use the key to unlock the door to the courtyard walkway.

4. Turn to the left to walk around to the apartment that is across from the entry door. It will have number 3 on top of the door and “Óra House” labelled on the door. You can use the key to unlock the bottom door lock. (highlighted in the picture)