Flora’s Room

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Your Host

Petra Fazekas
24h +36 70 599 7934

Property Address

1061 Budapest,
Liszt Ferenc tér 5.
2nd floor, Apt. 3B


Name: Budapest Sky (.com) LFt
Password: WelcomeHome!

Welcome to Our Apartment

We are happy to welcome you in our home, hope you will enjoy staying at our place. Please let us share some important and useful information about the apartment to make your time of staying comfortable.

Check in and Checkout/Key in Lockbox  

Prior to check in you could be greeted by a host or we can provide you with a lockbox code.  You may access the key in the lockbox and let yourself into the apartment when you arrive.

Check in is after 3:00 pm.  

Checkout is before 10:00 am.  

When you depart, please leave the key in the lockbox. 

Early Check in, late check-out, and luggage storage before or after your stay is subject to  availability. We will do our best to accommodate our guests’ needs as long as it does not  interfere with other guests or the ability to get the apartment cleaned between guests. 

Quiet Hours  

Please be respectful of the neighbors and minimize noise between 10:00pm and 8:00am. 


Please respect that this is a non-smoking home. Smoking is only allowed in outdoor areas. 


The tap water is safe to drink. Blue bottles are sparkling/gas, Pink bottles are still/flat. 


Budapest has paid street parking via a blue box on the street, a mobile number on the blue  box, or several available apps (we recommend Simple by OTP). There are also several parking  garages in the neighborhood. These have changing rates; we suggest speaking with someone  at the garage before extended parking.  


House Rules  

We are happy to have you in our home. In order to ensure you a peaceful stay, we have  collected the most important guidelines and information on both your apartment and  neighborhood. 


Every guest is required to have and send a valid form of identification to us prior to arrival. It is  a legal requirement. We will provide the lockbox code after receiving the required  identification. Friends and visitors are not allowed in the property if they cause any noise or  disruption. All overnight guests must be approved throughout the booking process and may be subject to an additional fee. 

Keep it tidy  

Please respect and treat our home as you would your own. Take off your shoes inside the  property. Leave the furniture where they are. Communicate any issues you have as soon as  you become aware of them so we can lend a helping hand. Keep in mind that you will be  responsible for all costs of replacement items or repairs of issues caused by you. After using  the kitchen, please leave everything as you found it. Have your meals in designated areas  (kitchen or dining room) only. 


Once inside the apartment, you need to use the key to lock the door. There is a hook  nearby where you can hang the set of keys when you are inside the apartment.  

When you go out of the apartment during your stay, please leave the key inside the lockbox  instead of taking it with you. This will reduce the chance of it getting lost and allow multiple  guests to be able to come and go without needing multiple keys.  

Please be careful with the keys. A fee will be charged for any lost or stolen keys. 

No Parties  

No parties or events allowed. Drugs and heavy drinking are not allowed. Smoking only allowed  in outdoor areas. 

Quiet hours  

Quiet hours are between 22:00- 8:00. During this time please limit noise level. If complaints  are received from neighbors, we maintain the right to evict you from the property. 



If you experience problems with the WIFI, please call us (the router is not easily accessible, but  we are happy to help solving any issues with the network). 


Please keep it in mind that the place is not child proofed. Children must be supervised at all  times. If you are travelling with your baby, we can provide you some equipment to make your  staying with them more comfortable – please see the Extra Services section.  


Deliveries are not allowed, aside from food delivery.  

Video cameras  

There are surveillance or recording devices in the building. There is a camera that monitors  the main areas of the building to ensure safety and prevent theft. There are no cameras inside  the apartment.  


We are environmentally aware and would appreciate if you could sort your rubbish into the  recycling bins in the courtyard or separate bags before checking out. Blue = paper/cardboard  Yellow = Plastic/Aluminum Green = Landfill. Glass bag separate for takeaway.  Excess garbage may be placed in the bins in the courtyard of the building during your stay. 


Before you go out or go to sleep please make sure everything is switched off. Turn off the any  devices when you don’t need them. If you use an air conditioner please make sure all the  windows and doors in the room are closed. Remember to turn it off or set to a minimum  before you go out. 

Leaving the Apartment at the End of your Stay  

When your stay is completed, and you are ready to check-out, please close and lock all  windows. Turn off all lights and small appliances. Report any damaged or missing items to us.  

Getting Around  

Here are some tips and information about getting around. Because this home is right in the  center of Budapest, there are great options for transportation to get anywhere in addition to  being able to walk from the apartment to great attractions.  

From and To the Airport  

To get into the city from the airport, you can take a taxi directly from the taxi stand outside the  airport exit. You can type in the address where you are going in the taxi machine inside  baggage claim to get the address exact and then take it to the taxi stand. You can also order a  car from one of the car services listed below. Additionally, there is public transportation from  the airport into the city – the 100E bus to Deák Ferenc tér. You can buy a ticket or a pass at  the ticket office which is located inside the building, but after you exit baggage claim, or use  the BudapestGo app.  

Public transportation  

Trolley Busses  

The 70 and 78 busses stop on Király utca, taking you SW to Parliament or NE to either Keleti  train station or the City Park. The 105 and 178 stop on Andrássy út heading SW to the Buda  side or NE to Gyöngyösi utca. More info on bkk.hu/en/ or in the BudapestGo app.  


Tram lines 4 and 6 run along the big circle road just a block from the apartment and go  toward, and then across, the river in either direction in a big circle (Nagykörút) . 


The M1 metro line (yellow) stop for Opera and Octagon are just a few minutes’ walk from the  apartment. It goes to Vörösmarty tér in one direction and to the Heroes Square, City Park, and  Széchenyi Baths in the other direction. 

Taxi and Car Services  

You can download an app to order a taxi or car service. You can pay in the app or by cash or  credit card in the car/taxi at the end of the ride. 

Főtaxi – https://fotaxi.hu/ 

Bolt – https://bolt.eu/hu/ 

City taxi – call +36 12111111 


There are three main trains stations in Budapest to travel out of the city to all over Hungary  and Europe, Nyugati Pályaudvar, Keleti Pályaudvar, Déli Pályaudvar. Each station goes a  certain direction out of the city, so make sure you go to the correct train station.  

Bikes, Scooters, and Car Share  

Bubi app – (bike sharing) 

donkey.bike – (bike sharing) 

Blinkee – blinkee.city app (electric sit-down scooters) 

Lime, Bird, and Tier (electric standing scooters) [Lime referral code: RKPFHPB] GreenGo (EV car share) [referral code: ymmukgk3qn] 

MOL Limo (car share) [referral code: XRFC1VKG] 

ShareNow (car share) [referral code: MGM-H4Q8-4AYA-KBCK-XHPH] 

Food Deliveries  

You can order from restaurants and shops using Wolt (.com or phone app) [referral code:  GGVWL] or FoodPanda  


Household appliances  

Here is the list of our household’s appliances and electrical devices. Should any problems  arise, do not hesitate to contact us. 

  • Building Heating – radiators 
  • WIFI 
  • TV 
  • Iron and ironing board 
  • Hairdryer 
  • Lights 
  • Microwave 
  • Electric stovetop 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Toaster 
  • Coffee pot – drip 
  • Electric water kettle 
  • Clothes washer – in building 
  • CO and smoke detectors 

Extra services  

Extra cleaning  

Stays over a week will include a weekly cleaning with clean towels and beddings provided.  Daily cleaning can be requested (35per day), please let us know, before your stay if you  would like this addition. 

Baby equipment  

We are adding baby equipment frequently and can recommend https://lottirose.com as a  backup, please inquire if you feel you may need something not listed: travel bed (6€), baby  bathtub with seat (5€), bottle warmer (5€), sanitizer (3€) nasal vacuum cleaner (free of  charge), highchair (10€). Please let us know at least 24 hours prior your arrival if you would  like any item setup. 

Air Conditioning  

Portable air conditioner available upon request for a cost of 15per day.  Supplemental electric heat may be available on request 5€ 


Please dial 112 in case of fire or other emergency. In the event of a fire or any major issues  contact us after everyone is safe. 


EU emergency 112 

Ambulance 104 

Fire services 105 

Police 107 

First Aid Kit  

There is a first aid kit located in the master bathroom, under the sink. 

Nearest medical centers  

Szent Gellért Magánklinika  

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 43. 

Tel: +36205711111 


1052 Budapest,Teréz krt. 55-57. 

Tel: +36 14653100 


Emergency medical service  

1073 Budapest, Dob utca 86. 

Tel: +3613210440, +3613210358 

Nearest dental Clinic  


1052 Budapest, Teréz krt. 55-57. 

Tel: +36 14653100