Green Skyline Room

Entry Instructions


Your Host

Petra Fazekas
+36 70 599 7934

Property Address

1061 Budapest,
Liszt Ferenc tér 5
5th floor, Apt. 1


Name: Budapest Sky (.com) LFt
Password: WelcomeHome!

Entrance instructions Green Skyline Room

1. The entrance to the building is the blue door with number 5 above the door. You will receive the gate code from your host to enter the building.

2. Once inside the entry hall there is a second door to the left. On the far-right side enter the same code again to release the left of the large doors. Once you enter the hallway you will go up some stairs to the elevator. Take the elevator to the 4th floor.

 3. Coming out of the elevator or stairs, turn left to get to the courtyard. Walk along the courtyard to the back staircase. Walk up one flight of stairs to the 5th floor.

4. At the top of the stairs turn right to the balcony area that has two doors and the first door is “Green Skyline Room” labelled on the door. There is a lockbox next to the door (you will receive the lockbox code from your host). MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE LOCKBOX AFTER RETRIEVING THE KEYS AND SCRAMBLE THE NUMBERS TO AVOID ANY FUTURE ISSUES WITH THEFT.