The Green Piano

Entry Instructions


Your Host

Petra Fazekas
+36 70 599 7934

Property Address

1061 Budapest,
Székely Mihály utca 10.
Ground floor Apt. 1


Name: Budapest Sky (.com) TGP
Password: WelcomeHome!

Entry Instructions The Green Piano

1. The entrance to the building is the brown door with number 10 above the door. You will receive the gate code from your host to enter the building.

2. Walk down the entry hall and then turn left up the first few stairs. Do not enter the courtyard. The apartment door is the large green double doors (You will receive the lockbox code from the host) MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE LOCKBOX AFTER RETRIEVING THE KEYS AND SCRAMBLE THE NUMBERS TO AVOID ANY FUTURE ISSUES WITH THEFT.

Note: the knob is always locked on the outside, so never leave the keys inside the apartment and let the door close while you are out.